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What we offer

Chouette provides the following:

  • Custom Software development
  • Mobile App Development: in all platforms.
  • Web Development: All stakeholders are provided with maximum visibility into project progress.
  • Desktop Development

We also provide personalised service and custom support services.
Our focus is primarily on Microsoft technologies and we have proven expertise in web, desktop, database and mobile solutions

Mobile Application Development

Mobile is the way to go ─ there are more mobiles in the world than people, and web-use on mobile devices has overtaken the desktop platform. Mobile apps have the benefit of being able to store data locally and leveraging the many built-in features of smart phones (e.g. location services). This of course comes with security challenges that need to be dealt with… but we thrive on a challenge!  The Chouette team has successfully developed native and hybrid apps on the following major app platforms:
  • Windows App
  • Android App
  • iOS App
Take a look at the iMeds case study which demonstrates our capability in Mobile App Development.

Website Development

Web development has changed a great deal over the years and is continuing to evolve. The increase in mobile traffic to websites makes it vital for web pages to look good on a variety of devices, and screens of varying sizes.

Web still offers an exciting space for development and one in which companies can take complete advantage in order to reach their customers.

Take a look at the eFektiv case study which demonstrates our capability in Web Development.

Desktop Development

It may not be the most fashionable these days but there are still many pros to a desktop program.  Being independent of a server, connectivity is never an issue which means your data and program are more secure. Performance is far superior while functionality can be tailored to your specific business requirements.

There will always be a debate around the pros and cons of desktop development but ultimately in every solution design, all options should be considered to arrive at the one that best solves your problems and enables your business to run more efficiently.

Not sure which option would best suit your needs, what is technologically possible or where to start?

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