Why Chouette?

We achieve success by being user-focused in everything we do

What's in the name?

Chouette is a small boutique software company producing big results through our hands on, customer-centred service and highly skilled team. We are well respected leaders in our industry and have been providing quality business software solutions in South Africa since 1999.  We thrive on a challenge!

Chouette (pronounced “sshwett”) is a French word meaning cool, great or amazing. It is associated with positivity and good connotations and is rather unique.

You work hand in hand with us

Our clients are involved with the design and development process, right from the start, so that the end product is exactly what you want and customised for your every requirement.  This also means there is transparency and visibility into project progress.

We think outside the box

Matching our agile methodologies, skilled design with practical needs, Chouette produces software solutions that are useful, usable and engaging.

We save you time and money

Because you are involved every step of the way, we can perfect the software design as we go, saving you valuable time and money in the long run. Products are practical and easy for clients to understand, which means less help is needed and therefore training costs are reduced.

We build user-centric designs

Our products are always designed with your end user in mind.

Customer service and support

Our standards are high when it comes to fulfilling our client’s needs and we offer both remote and on-site customised support.

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